Blog Introduction

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Three months ago, I was broken. Depressed. Lonely. Trapped.

On paper it would seem I had it all. I had a  graduate role right after finishing my university degree at a large international firm with good career prospects. I was living in an inner-city apartment in Sydney and had a close group of friends. I would go on dates a few times a month. I was on the fastest route to arriving at that white picket fence destination I’d been told all my life I should be aiming for.

The reality was a little different though.

Everyday at work I’d be fighting a long battle not to break into a full blown anxiety and panic attack. My post-work routine would consist of eating take out in bed and binge watching on TV shows  Bridget Jones style.

Even though I pushed myself to go to the gym occasionally, my eating habits and sedentary lifestyle had me stacking on the pounds. I felt trapped and alone in a city I grew up in. Work was not motivating and I barely had any work life balance, my social circle felt small and limited, and deep inside I was having a crisis as I knew this wasn’t what I really wanted.

So I made the decision in July that I needed to escape.

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I bought a one way ticket to South East Asia set to depart in October and a 40L Osprey backpack, with Bali being the first stop. The plan was to spend about 6-8 weeks travelling around South East Asia then make my way to the UK. I can certainly tell you that during those last few months at work I found it extremely hard to concentrate as the thought of being immersed in a new culture, environment and meeting people from all around the world was all I could think about!

However, three months later from when I left Sydney I am not in the UK, but instead I am writing from Perth, on the other side of the country I grew up in. I’ve acquired a tan, some new tattoos and a storybook of memories and rollercoaster moments in my mind.

This blog is an attempt to recount my experiences so far. I closed my eyes and ran into the unknown, and it has taught me nothing but learning the power of trust. The universe always has a plan.

Love & Light,



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